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Registered and approved Teacher with Reiki Federation of Ireland

 Approved & Registered Reiki Teacher by Reiki Federation of Ireland, H. Dip in Ed.


 Life-Enhancing Learning & Spiritual Growth

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Sat 7th + Sun 8th October


9:30am - 5pm (each day)

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Early Bird Offer €175 / Full Price €195

(book early - very limited spaces)

Click on the link below to book your place!

or enquire via email / call 046 9244653 / Whatsapp 087 7549183

The Reiki Level 1 workshop enables participants to use Reiki for their own self-healing and for sharing with friends and family. The main undercurrent of the workshop is ultimately the student's beginning of a voyage into self discovery, learning to look within and their broadening of understanding energy on both the physical and non-physical levels. Under gentle guidance, students begin to channel Reiki energy and learn how to apply healing through use of hand positions and various techniques. In this workshop, students learn how to carry out a full Reiki healing treatment on friends and family.

Students are shown supportive tools and techniques that help develop a meditative approach not only in conducting a session, but within their daily lives to help to foster wider personal development and ongoing spiritual growth.

This workshop is suitable for those looking for spiritual/personal self-development, general wellbeing, but also, for those interested in pursuing further Reiki Training or a career in Reiki/ Energy Healing (Reiki level II, the Reiki Practitioner Course or Reiki level 3 Mastership). The workshop can also be beneficial to those who wish to incorporate some elements of energy healing into an existing career (nursing, social work, therapy practices, massage etc.)


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