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1-to-1 Sessions & Group Sound Baths

Whether a one-to-one Sound Healing Therapy session or Group Sound Bath,  a client has an immersive experience in restorative and healing sounds that include Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, solfeggio tuning forks, koshi chimes, rain drums, meditative bells and contemplative silence.

Sound healing therapy is an immensely powerful healing modality, due to specific vibrational frequencies which help promote deeper levels of relaxation. It ultimately allows us to enter a more theta state where brainwaves can return to more optimum levels. 

One-to-one sessions are generally carried out with the client lying comfortably on a plinth with a cozy blanket. Sound healing instruments are used off the body and around the client.  Group Sound Events (sound baths) welcome participants to make themselves comfortable on a yoga mat, with cozy blankets and cushions. Again sound is created with various instruments around and near the body. Schedulled Sound Baths take place regularly at the centre and private sound baths are also available to book for 2 or more people (please visit the Session Pricing page for more info on private events) 



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Sunday 21st July

(10am & 7pm events on the day)

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What is Sound Healing?

Ancient civilizations like that of Greece have always recognised sound as a valuable healing modailty, being applied to help alleviate various physical conditions and illness, lower anxiety and to better balance emotional states. 


Sound healing is based on two elements that both work in tandem during a session - firstly entrainment and resonant frequency, and secondly, the grounding effect of pulling the participant back into the moment with auditory stimulation.


As with all energy work, the human body is fully acknowledged as a vibrating, electrically charged energy field. Entrainment is the understanding that a rhythmic pattern or sustained tonal frequency induces other organisms and energetic systems to to mimic and fall into the same rhythm in a transformative manner. The human body is also made up of 70% water, and water is know to be the best conductor of sound, so this is why sound healing therapy has the ability to facilitate great transformative shifts within our systems.

Sound healing therapy can be used to promote healing and repair across across cells, glands, organs, tissue, muscle and bone. Sound healing therapy is a safe, non intrusive healing modality, however I advise that anyone who fits into the below categories (due to the vibrational nature of sound) to select a Reiki or Bio Energy session instead.

1. Pregnant women in their first trimester
2. Those who have metal parts (knees/hip replacements)
3. Those with pace makers

4. Those recovering from recent Major Surgery - to allow for initial healing to take place
5. Those who have low tolerance for sound 

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