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Indian Head Massage
(Shoulders, Neck & Head)

Ayurvedic Indian Head massage is an important componant of Ayurvedic health which is carried out to bring about relaxation, aid detoxification and rebalance the energy of the body.

A very gentle massage that work on the lymph & energy points of the skin and soft tissue. Although with "head" referenced in the title, the massage is carried out with warm medicated oil across the shoulders, collarbone area, upper back, neck, head and face (oil is optional for the head/hair area, based on a client's preference).

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage can boost circulation, relieve tiredness and weakness, reduce tension in the body, induce sleep & restfulness, loosen toxins, give skin a soft healthy appearance, nourish the sense organs, elevate the mood and boost hair and scalp health.

A truly indulgent and nourishing experience for your body, mind and spirit!


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