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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange a home visit for Reiki or energy healing?

At times, whether due to health concerns, mobility issues or a desire to receive medical or theraputic supports at home, clients may prefer home call-outs where a healing session is brought to them. Alongside the regular clinic, home sessions are a service I happily provide and I often travel within the counties of Meath, Cavan, Westmeath, Louth, Monaghan and Dublin.

What does Reiki cure?

How do I choose the Reiki practitioner who is best for me? Who is a good 

A Reiki practitioner

Reiki therapy and its benefits are different for everyone and no two people will have the same experience during or following a session.  Similarly, someone going back to the same Reiki practitioner may feel very different from one session to the next. Myself, as a hard workinfg practitioner, I firmly present and treat my Reiki/healing practice very much as a Complementary therapy, meaning it is as a support alongside visiting a local GP, receiving traditional medical care, visiting a psychotherapist and taking medication when medically advised. I am a participating member of the recognised Reiki Federation Ireland, who are the respected regulator of the practice within Ireland.


The upholding of quality and legitimate integration of complementary therapiesas a support withi mainstream healthcare is something I am passionate about and delighted to have seen steadily on the rise internationally and also within Ireland. This is a general information page set up for those who may have some genuine questions about Reiki, whether based in Ireland or internationally

 complementary healing and  No matter where you live, as with Whether looking for a Recommendations are 

As many of you may know, I have recently relocated my practice from County Wicklow to County Meath. Thankfully I've been very lucky to have gotten to know the Wickow community and through kind recommendations have succeeding in building a good reputation within the wider locality. Many of these clients have let me know they are happy to travel to continue their sessions which I am so grateful for and really a little sign that I must be doing something right! Saying that, with the centre now continuing in a new locality, I do find myself re-affiriming what a new community will value from a complementary therapist and without question it is trust, knowledge dedication to quality, love of self education and professional growth, adaptability. learning and , quality , dedication I am delighted that lovely welcoming client base which has gron through word of mouth, recommendations and form a trusting relationship where some of my Wicklow clients are continuing on with me, whether visitng my  I I


This is  You may feel a connection with a practitioner, wheth

Can How often should you have Reiki?

Reiki is a way of working with your energy system to re-align, rebalance and detox. During a session, a person's energy system is opened and restarted in order to increase communication between energy centres (via the endocrine/glandular system),  increase energy flow and aid detoxing though the body, the mind and also through the emotional state. Continuity of sessions is a personal choice and will be different for every individual depending on lifestyle, health state, self-care and personal approach to stress management. With many of my regular clients, effective spacing of energy sessions will range from every 6 weeks to every 3 months. As a result, the energy system remains open, at a well functional level and can be more easily accessed and worked with. For those new to energy healing, although all sessions with a reputable practitioner are always effective, progress and depth of a first-tine client's receptivity can sometimes be limited and often a practiioner may suggest a short course of closer spaced sessions that can dramatically target and increase effectiveness of opening the energy system. An entry course such as this may consist of for example 3 sessions, spaced at one. two or tress weeks apart. Many practitioners often offer special session packagaes, to help keep costs down and it is something a considerate practitioner should have on offer to clients. 


As a collective, unfortunatly the human being's modern lifestyles can force us into unnatural pressures and paramiters, multiple stresses and responsibilities, much too limited personal time and ultimately deplete our sense of freedom, our choices, ability to enjoy and we can loose the feeling of being in anyway in the driving seat. Reiki is a route

something that can be a way of maintaining balance and well being amist the moderm world. 



We are often told and reared with the mentality of "that's the way life is" and that "life is    Those with significant health issues or with high levels of anxiety will benefit from more regular sessions, which allows the issue to be more closely worked with and less time for the body to fall back into unhelpful thunhelpful thought patternsThe need for Reiki or other healign therapies var

Is Reiki and energy therapy a good alternative to alternative to attending my GP doctor?

Can Reiki and energy therapy be an effective substitute for traditional medicine?

Can people have a bad reaction to Reiki?

What does Reiki do?

What will I feel like after a Reiki session?

"Sharon is a natural healer with her gentle nature & innate sense of compassion & kindness. After only one session of Reiki I felt calmer & saw that my former chest congestion had eased considerably."

Geri Hayes Bresnick, Canada

"I had a distant healing session with Sharon. It was surprisingly powerful. At one point I looked behind to see if someone was there. It really felt like there was someone behind me. At the time I had a cold and a chesty cough, I could really feel the energy working in my lungs and recovered soon after. Thank you Sharon"

Enagh Farrell, Dublin

"Sharon is an excellent reiki practitioner, 

gentle and empathic in her approach."

Olive Germaine, Owner, The Birds and the Teas, Wicklow

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