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About Myself & My Practice

Hello, my name is Sharon Murphy and I am a qualified Reiki Master-Practitioner, Bio-Energy therapist and Sound Healing therapist, based in the Co. Meath and Co. Cavan area. 

I have always been drawn to the empowering aspect of Reiki, Bio-Energy and Sound therapies for clients. As natural energy therapies, they enhance the body’s own innate ability to heal itself, helping to restore balance and harmony to the mind and body. My healing modalities are offered as a safe, non-intrusive complementary therapy for a wide spectrum of client conditions that include anxiety, depression, chronic pain, asthma, skin conditions, ulcers, injuries and arthritis. I also offer these therapies as a hugely beneficial support to those experiencing life changes, whether as an aid during pregnancy, recovering from surgery or going through bereavement. For clients undergoing cancer treatment, Reiki, Bio-Energy and Sound are supportive complementary therapies that can potentially help lessen the side effects of chemotherapy on the body & mind.  


I have a background in the creative arts and education, having trained and worked as a second level art teacher (H.Dip.) and as a special needs teacher and trainer. I also trained and practiced as a visual artist and cultural events curator for many years (MA Visual Art, PG.Dip Cultural Event Management).


Over the many years, I began exploring complementary therapies, guided firstly by a personal wish to calm anxiety that I knew at times I suffered greatly with. Also, having been told that I was an early sufferer of Psoriatic Arthritis, I was driven to explore ways to connect once again with my body and find ways to perhaps ease some of my conditions.

Healing Room New Earth Energy


Reiki was my first love and discovery within complementary healing and I was privileged to be trained by the esteemed Reiki Teacher,  Patricia Loughlin (Reiki in Ireland). After training fully and setting up a Reiki practice, I soon rediscovered my natural affiliation with learning and an inherent drive to understand complimentary therapies from many (and lateral)  perspectives. I subsequently trained and qualified in Bio-Energy and Sound Healing Therapies, becoming fascinated with the possibility of subtly blending techniques, tools and varied approaches - ultimately developing a more fluid, intuitive ability to work more knowledgably with my clients and to be able to offer them the most effective and adaptive healing sessions, depending on their specific needs.

I offer sessions in predominantly either Reiki, Bio-Energy or Sound healing. As I explain to clients, my preference is to blend and combine some techniques and aspects from my other therapies, offering a highly tailored, responsive and adaptive session that strongly supports the client's ability to re-balance and stimulate self-healing. 

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