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21st July

Gentle and Effective Natural Energy Therapies
Sharon Murphy (O Buachain)
Reiki Master-Practitioner, Bio Energy &
Sound Healing Therapist and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

Meath & Cavan
(RFI Certified) 

Hello and warmest welcome to New Earth Energy HealingMy name is Sharon Murphy (O Buachain) and I am a Reiki master-practitioner, Bio Energy therapist, Sound Healing therapist and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, based in the Meath and Cavan area. I am delighted to also serve areas of Westmeath, Monaghan, Louth, with clients coming to me from as far as South Dublin and Wicklow.


I share these beautiful healing modalities as one-to-one sessions and also as group events from my dedicated healing centre in Meath. The centre also is a vibrant educational hub, hosting popular classes and workshops on an ongoing basis.

Stresses of the hectic modern lifestyle, have given rise to consistent low level anxiety in much of our communities, allowing physical and emotional conditions to develop. Energy work by its nature, gives power back to the recipient, as the beautiful techniques of Reiki, Bio-Energy and Sound Healing help re-ignite a person's own natural abilities to self-heal.


Healing Centre Meath Cavan Dublin - Reiki Bio Energy Sound Healing Therapy.jpg

With the healing centre set on over 3 acres, New Earth Energy Healing is a quiet rural retreat and offers a peaceful space in which to unwind and spiritually go within. The 40 square metre centre offers a comfortable, homely and welcoming space to experience a healing session. As a Reiki Master-Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Bio-Energy Therapist & Energy Healing Trainer, I also hold Sound Bath eventsclasses and workshops at the centre.

The pair were looking for a new home near the old location of the healing centre in Co. Wicklow and so they headed north with us for pastures new! They are super friendly and curious and (from their adjacent field) you will often find them looking through the back window of the the centre to say hello!!!

Holly and Jasper are our adopted rescue donkeys and I very much consider them part of the New Earth team! 

Reiki Meath Reiki Cavan Reiki Louth Reik
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Reiki Meath Reiki Cavan Reiki Louth Reik

Look who's joined the New Earth Team!

Sound Baths are regularly run at the centre & are also available to book as private on-site & off-site events

Some people who have migraine, asthma, skin conditions, ulcers, orthopedic injuriesarthritis and chronic pain have noted improvements in their health after experiencing Energy and Sound Healing Therapies. These energy modalities have also supported some people who have various forms of cancer and other types of serious health conditions. Both energy forms are also effective in calming the mind and have helped many with anxiety and depression. People suffering from low self-esteem may have also noted remarkable differences following treatments.


Reiki, Bio Energy and sound healing are completely safe to receive while on medication, or while having chemotherapy. During pregnancy, Reiki and Bio Energy are beautifully supportive therapies, however I advocate Sound Healing Therapy only after the first Trimester. Please see the Sound Healing Therapy page for more details. 

Healing Centre Meath Cavan Dublin Sound Bath Sound Healing.jpg

Reiki, Bio-energy and Sound Healing are non-intrusive complementary therapies. Energy healing gently works with the body's natural electromagnetic field, enhancing the body's own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. It helps restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit, promoting feelings of relaxation and well being. Energy healing can benefit everyone, whether young or old as well (animals also), as it can gently kick-start the recipients own healing process and restore balance within the body.

What is Energy Healing & How Can it Benefit You?

Reiki in Meath Reiki in Cavan_New Earth Energy Healing.gif

​​I have a background in the creative arts (visual arts & music), firstly as an artist and performer. I also trained as worked as a second level art teacher for some years (H.Dip in Education), before moving into cultural events management where I worked with multi-disciplinary arts groups.

Over the many years, I began exploring complementary therapies, guided firstly by a personal wish to calm anxiety that I knew at times I suffered greatly with. Also, having been told that I was an early sufferer of Psoriatic Arthritis, I was driven to explore ways to connect once again with my body and find ways to perhaps ease some of my conditions.

Reiki was my first love and first discovery within complementary healing and I was privileged to be trained by the esteemed Reiki Teacher, Patricia Loughlin (Reiki in Ireland). After feeling so at home with energy healing, it became a passion and after some time, something I wanted shift my career focus to. After training fully and setting up a Reiki practice, I soon rediscovered my natural affiliation with learning and an inherent drive to understand complimentary therapies from many (and lateral)  perspectives. I subsequently trained and qualified in Bio-Energy and Sound Healing Therapies, becoming fascinated with the possibility of subtly blending techniques, tools and varied approaches - ultimately developing a more fluid, intuitive ability to work more knowledgably with my clients and to be able to offer them the most effective and adaptive healing sessions, depending on their specific needs.

My Story & Practice

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